Course Policies & Syllabus

Nassau Community College

English 101: Writing For Transfer

CRN#: 42272

Spring 2015

Tuesdays 10-11.15 and Fridays 9.30-10.45

South Hall, Room 105


Professor: Cristina Migliaccio


Office Hours: By appointment



Course Description

This course will teach writing as a recursive (often repetitive) and frequently collaborative process of invention, drafting and revising. We will discuss how writing is both personal and social, and you will learn how to write/compose for a variety of purposes and audiences. Additionally, this course will focus on understanding rhetorical analysis, genre and discourse communities as a way to assist “transfer” of writing skills across academia and beyond.

Course Outcomes

You will engage in daily writing activities, discussions, reflection, and collaboration designed to realize the following outcomes:


  • Read and write in multiple genres across several media
  • Explore and analyze, in writing and reading, a variety of genres and rhetorical situations
  • Understand that composing is a process that uses different genres, communicating through different media (textual, visual, aural, etc.) to various audiences
  • Demonstrate ability to define key terms discussed in this course
  • Develop your own process/theory of writing that you can take beyond this class


Required Texts

  1. PDFs you will need to print from either our class website or our Blackboard site. Go to this link for instructions on logging into Blackboard


Composition Assignments

Detailed descriptions of the 3 major “essay/research” projects will be posted on our website.

  • 5 Blog posts/5 Tweets: 5%
  • In Class Writing (includes participation & attendance): 15%
  • Source-based essay on Genre, Audience & Rhetorical Situation: 25%
  • Inquiry-based research: Abstract and Annotated Bibliography: 25%
  • Final Project/Presentation: Composition in 3 Genres: 30%


The above assignments add up to 100 points, which I will convert to a letter grade at the end of the semester using this chart:


A 90-100%

B+ 86-89%

B 80-85%

C+ 76-79%

C 70-75%

D+ 66-69%

D 60-65%

F Below 60%




This is the NCC Attendance policy: Students are expected to attend all classes. Absences due to illness or for other serious reasons may be excused at the discretion of the instructor. Students are advised that absences in excess of 3 total class meetings may result being dropped from the course. Students are responsible for all course work missed.


Course Drop Policy


Please go to this link and review the guidelines and deadlines for dropping a course:




This is the NCC Plagiarism policy: Plagiarism is a particular type of academic dishonesty that involves taking the words, phrases or ideas of another person and presenting them as one’s own. This can include using whole papers and paragraphs or even sentences or phrases. Plagiarized work may also involve statistics, lab assignments, art work, graphics, photographs, computer programs and other materials. The sources of plagiarized materials include but are not limited to books, magazines, encyclopedias or journals; electronic retrieval sources such as materials on the Internet; other individuals; or paper-writing services.

A student may be judged guilty of plagiarism if the student:

(a) Submits as one’s own an assignment produced by another, in whole or in part.
(b) Submits the exact words of another, paraphrases the words of another or presents statistics, lab
      assignments, art work, graphics, photographs, computer programs and other materials without attributing
      the  work to the source, suggesting that this work is the student’s own.

Allegations of student plagiarism and academic dishonesty will be dealt with by the appropriate academic department personnel. It is the policy of Nassau Community College that, at the discretion of the faculty member, serious acts will be reported in writing to the Office of the Dean of Students, where such records will be kept for a period of five years beyond the student’s last semester of attendance at the College. These records will remain internal to the College and will not be used in any evaluation made for an outside individual or agency unless there is a disciplinary action determined by a formal ruling under the Student Code of Conduct, in which case only those records pertaining to the disciplinary action may apply. A student whose alleged action is reported to the Office of the Dean of Students will be notified by that office and will have the right to submit a letter of denial or explanation.

The Dean will use his/her discretion in determining whether the alleged violation(s) could warrant disciplinary action under the Student Code of Conduct. In that case the procedures governing the Code of Conduct will be initiated.



Resources for Writers


The Writing Center

The principal responsibility of the Writing Center is to advance the mission of the College by providing literacy instruction that fosters critical thinking and lifelong learning within an environment conducive to teaching and learning.

The Writing Center is open to students of all levels interested in improving their writing in any discipline. Faculty offer individualized and group instruction in expository and creative writing, research and documentation, as well as grammar and usage. ESL students receive assistance in language development and learning. BEP students are encouraged to seek assistance from their specially-trained faculty in the BEP Reading/Writing Help Center in Building V, Room 110.

In addition to the traditional tutorial session, sessions can also take place online by e-mail. Students are also welcome to use the Department’s PC lab for word processing and Internet research when classes are not utilizing the space. Weekly appointments and unscheduled drop-in sessions are available.

Writing Center Guidelines

  1. Appointments may be made in person at the Writing Center or by phone at 516.572.7195.
  2. You can work with a writing consultant for one scheduled appointment each week.
  3. After your initial appointment, you may schedule appointments for up to two weeks in advance. If you make appointments in advance, you can extend them each week for an additional week. This way you can work consistently with the same tutor if you so desire. Be sure to check your future appointments at the front desk at the end of each appointment.
  4. Drop-in sessions are also possible if you don’t have a scheduled appointment, as long as a tutor is available. Drop-in sessions work on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition, you may take advantage of our e-mail tutoring.
  5. Cancellation Policy: If you can’t keep an appointment, you must stop in or call to cancel. If you miss two appointments without canceling, you will not be permitted to make any more appointments for the remainder of the semester. You will be able to use the Center only on a drop-in basis.
  6. If you have any concerns, talk with your tutor first, then with full-time faculty if necessary.


The A. Holly Patterson Library

Our library website is awesome! You can chat, text, email, phone, make an appointment in person or twitter our library with research questions. No excuses!!


The Center for Students with Disabilities

**Please let me know asap if you require testing accomodations!


The College provides the following support services for students with  documented  physical,  hearing,  visual,  psychiatric,   and learning disabilities:

  • academic, career and personal counseling 

•  removal of architectural and attitudinal barriers 

•  priority registration 

•  group  and  individual   tutoring  in  math,  organizational and study skills 

•  appropriate  classroom and testing accommodations 

•  on-campus shuttle bus 

•  sign language interpreters 

•  adapted computer access 

•  cultural program 

•  referrals to other campus services 

•  clarifying  goals and decision-making

The Center is located in Building U, or call (516) 572-7241. Call for office hours.

It  is  the  responsibility   of  the  student  to  identify   himself  or herself as disabled  upon entrance to the College, by notifying the Center  for Students  with  Disabilities.  Since  each  type  of disability  varies, the documentation needed by the CSD office will also vary. Individuals needing accommodations are strongly encouraged to contact the Center for Students with Disabilities, which  is located  in Building  U. The Center  can  be reached by   voice   telephone   at   (516)   572-7241  or   TTY   at (516) 572-7617. The Center is partially  funded by a TRIO Grant  through  the  U.S.  Department  of  Education.  Call  for office hours.









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