Handouts from Class on Friday 2/27–the writing process chart needs to be handed in on Tuesday with your final papers.


Bruce Springsteen’s Jack of All Trades This is a ‘sample’ paper designed to help you organize your paper around the key terms that are on the assignment sheet. Some students found this very helpful.

WritingProcessAwarenessChart Please submit this attached to or with your final paper on Tuesday!

See you in the library for Tuesday’s class. Library Room 103.


Class Work and HW Tues 2/10:

We watched this video to show how effective orality can be in “translating” a difficult idea or text. Try “translating” the genre you choose for your paper orally!

Here’s the thesis statement exercise we did in class with your examples on it: NCCTOPICLIMITED TOPICOPINIONTHESIS

And here are clean copies of the 3 worksheets we used in class today:

NCCTopicSentence NCCTopic, Thesis and Outline NCCExemplification

Finally, print and refer to the assignment sheet and rubric as you work on your drafts/revisions to see if your paper is ‘doing’ what is required:


Last, you will have one source or genre you are citing or analyzing for the paper. The paper should be formatted according to MLA Standards and so should the Works Cited page–scroll through the link/sample paper below to see what your final paper should look like. You can access a formatted MLA paper here at this link:


Readings and HW Friday 2/6:

We did rhetorical analysis of Para Teresa today. You can read the poem at this link, pages 12-13:

Here is the revised assignment sheet AND rubric for Major Paper#1. Please print and refer back to it as you are writing your draft: NCCMajorAssignment1B

Finally, here is a copy of the sample outline we did in class today on how to organize this paper. Please print and use as a guideline for your draft: NCCStructuringapaper

Please email me if you have any questions whatsoever between now and Tuesday’s class in ACluster A-109–this will be our building/room the rest of the semester. My email again is


HW Friday 1/30:

Bring 2 printed, typed copies of this to class on Tuesday 2/3. There is no length requirement and punctuation, organization, spelling do not matter! 

Freewrite or Brainstorm for your first paper. Include the following:

1. What your topic might be (consider our class exploration of Education through different genres so far)

2. Who do you envision your audience to be? Helpful video on thinking about your audience:

3. Does your project attempt to join a particular discourse community? Can you name that community? Helpful video on discourse community:

4. What 2 genres do you feel will best communicate your topic? Why these 2? Explain. Helpful video on genre in case you missed class on Friday:


In Class Reading 1/23:

Cartoon we ‘read’ in class on 1/23

HW 1/23: Read this Mike Rose Essay and post a response to these 3 questions on your blog:

Who do you think Mike Rose ‘envisions’ as his audience for this essay?

How does the form Mike Rose use work (or not) for the audience you think he had in mind? Why do you think he uses this form and not another one?

What is Mike Rose ‘saying’ in this essay? Can you summarize in 1-2 sentences?





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