Going Forward

Thanks to all that came to class yesterday and worked on creating/finishing your final presentations. Please see the presentation schedule below and prepare for a 10 minute oral presentation on your due date!

Some of you are still working on your final projects/papers. As you do this, I want to circle back to our discussions at the beginning of the semester. The quote below sums up the philosophy of our class—you will come upon many “formulas” for writing in the academy but I hope what we learned this semester will help you re-purpose your skills for all the writing you do going forward:

Each writing context is analyzed and approached with consideration to genre, medium, audience, and purpose. Writers apply skill sets from one writing context to another, adapting practices as needed. This is an elastic self-image, not constrained by any one set of formulas.” 

You can read the rest of this article here: http://www.hybridpedagogy.com/journal/bring-your-own-disruption-rhizomatic-learning-in-the-composition-class/

My favorite part:

Hemingway noted, “[Writers] are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.”

We are always writers and students of writing in all the rhetorical contexts of our lives.

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