Friday, May 1st: Wrapping up

Hi & thanks to all that handed in your FINAL papers or projects yesterday! Exciting.

I know a lot of us are feeling like this guy—but HANG IN THERE–IT’S ALMOST OVER!!


Please bring your final work in if you have not done this yet on Friday.

Friday we will be discussing presentations; you should come in prepared to describe what yours will look like. Plan on a 10 minute presentation. Remember to pretend that you are the audience as you are creating your presentation. What would make it interesting/exciting to you?

Here is a generic presentation rubric. We will also go over this on Friday. Use this to grade yours:


And here is the Final Presentation Schedule. You are still responsible for coming to class on the days you do not present to peer review your classmates. This will be part of your presentation grade:

Final Project Presentation Schedule
Week 12:
4/28/14 Final Projects DUE!!
Week 13: Presentations
5/5/14 Ryan Armand, Nikki Barongi, Justin Barrere, Emmanuel Kouroupakis, Anthony Gibbons
5/8/14 Hardvis Batista, Chris Bishop, Nicole Cesarini, Caitlyn Lippert, Andrea Marino, Joseph St. Louis
Week 14: Presentations
5/12/14 Chris Contreras, Shane Cormagi, Darryl Edoard, Alexis Palacios, Michelle Perez, Natalie Torres
5/15/14 DaMell Faines, Monique Morris-Cammock, Alexa Santiago, Lenin Javier, Tamara Registre, Shane St. Joy
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