Due Friday 4/17

Hi Gang,

Please bring completed drafts of papers/projects to Friday’s class. Especially if you were absent on Tuesday, it is necessary that you attend this class. Again, I am only asking for a draft. Thanks to those of you that have already given me draft copies of your projects. Some of them look fantastic.

Yesterday we “graded” the following MLA research paper using the rubric on the assignment sheet NCCFinalResearchPaper:


We also “graded” the following digital project using the rubric on the assignment sheet NCCFinalDigitalProject:


Please try this “grading” process at home if you missed Tuesday’s class. It is a very useful way to look at your own paper/project and decide what needs to be done to improve it.

Here’s a great quote on the art of academic writing which we discussed is often GOOD IMITATION (different than plagiarism!): 

“Acquiring knowledge is a form of imitation.” 

― Jiddu Krishnamurti

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