Final Project Presentation Schedule

Nassau Community College
English 101: Writing For Transfer
CRN#: 42272
Spring 2015
Tuesdays 10-11.15 and Fridays 9.30-10.45
Final Project Presentation Schedule
Week 12:
4/28/14 ALL Final Projects DUE!!
Week 13: Presentations
5/5/14 Ryan Armand, Nikki Barongi, Justin Barrere, Emmanuel Kouroupakis, Monique Morris-Cammock, Alexa Santiago
5/8/14 Hardvis Batista, Chris Bishop, Nicole Cesarini, Caitlyn Lippert, Andrea Marino, Joseph St. Louis
Week 14: Presentations
5/12/14 Chris Contreras, Shane Cormagi, Darryl Edoard, Alexis Palacios, Michelle Perez, Natalie Torres
5/15/14 DaMell Faines, Anthony Gibbons, Lenin Javier, Tamara Registre, Shane St. Joy
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