Class on Friday March 20th

Hi Everyone!

Reminder that our class tomorrow meets in ROOM A112 instead of A109. There will be a sign up on the door guiding you if you forget!

Most of you have finished your Annotated Bibliographies and your very brief abstract telling me which project option and topic you are choosing. These are the assignment sheets for each type of project with expectations. If you were absent, please print both and read them over carefully to help your decision.



The next step is brainstorming for your project. You can do a mind map or brainstorm using this cool tool if you want: (hit get started) OR a simple free write in Word. Either way this is due by the end of class tomorrow.

Here is a super useful video from PurdueOwl on how to pre-write or brainstorm or get the juices flowing before starting a paper (but these tips are useful for brainstorming any project):

And another great video to help you plan your digital projects:

Finally, some examples of effective digital projects, some of which I shared in Tuesday’s class–use these to think about designing your own projects:

Playing to Learn

Teaching With Video Games

These are projects my students created last semester:




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