Class Tuesday, 2/10

Thanks to those of you that came to class. Remember, class on 2/24 is in A-109.

Today we continued the work we began on Friday on structuring and writing an introduction and body paragraphs. Please refer to all classwork and HW at here:

This is what you are doing before our next class on 2/24:

1. Print a copy of the paper assignment sheet. Read all the requirements. NCCMajorAssignment1B

2. Read your draft out loud to yourself.

3. Underline your thesis statement and topic sentences. Does the thesis work within the constraints of our assignment? Is your paper a rhetorical analysis of a certain genre? Does your paper analyze that genre: the author’s purpose, who the author’s audience is, what the rhetorical situation is?

4. Check your intro and body paragraphs against the thesis/topic sentences handouts we used today in class. Does each sentence in each paragraph build on the one before it?

5. Revise your draft into a second, more organized stronger version.

6. Check your draft against the rubric on the assignment sheet. Does it meet all the requirements? List the changes you made between draft#1 and draft#2.

7. Bring 2 copies of your ‘new draft’ to class on 2/24 with a list of changes you made between draft#1 & draft#2. Also have a copy with you on a flash drive or email the paper to yourself so you can open it on the computers in A-109.

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